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Kareem Clarence Lawrence is a Los Angeles, CA based entrepreneur & independent filmmaker. Born 5 years after his mother had her tubes surgically tied, K. began life beating the odds. After graduating from one of the top film programs, Full Sail University, with an associate’s degree for film production and a bachelor’s degree for entertainment business & entrepreneurship, K. went on to work with companies such as Amazon Prime, Google, ABC, NBC & more.


As a filmmaker, K. Clarence has produced over 6 short films, multiple feature films, including the hit entitled"Sons & Fathers" starring Broadway legend Lawrence Hamilton and distributed on Amazon Prime, plus many successful commercial projects for small businesses and brands such as Casio, Made In Mars and Paris Presents to name a few. K.'s work is nationally distributed and has been sold by top streaming platforms such as Google Play, iTunes & Amazon.com


Before re-launching FirePix, K. also served as a development executive at L. Plummer Media where he worked in development as well as a story producer on shows such as TV One's "Two Sides" Executive Produced by Lemuel Plummer & Viola Davis and "Social Network: LA" with Black Pills Network.


K. Clarence currently serves as Chairman & Executive Producer for The FirePix Company, an independent entertainment content development, production, & marketing company while also serving as Chairman of the board and developing The FilmForFood Festival which is slated to premiere in November 2021. 

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Mr. Young is a goal oriented operations/finance executive with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and media industry. He has written business plans and devised corporate strategies across a spectrum of entertainment, including film and tv production companies, video streaming service providers, film funds, foreign sales agencies, Print and Advertising Funds, and media research and analytics companies. 


Mr. Young joined Benaroya Pictures as its Chief Operating Officer, where he was involved in the production of approximately 15 motion pictures. In an effort to vertically integrate within the film industry, While at Benaroya, he wrote the business plan and launched International Film Trust, a foreign sales company to sell the foreign distribution rights of Benaroya films, in addition to others. He then went on to launch C4 Research & Development, a research and analytics company in the film world that developed an algorithm capable of predicting US domestic box. He utilized the proprietary content assessment tool to inform green-light decision-making, marketing spend decisions, creative refinement, and casting decisions.  Through his experience at C4, he learned that all data is not created equal and the importance of combining various analytic techniques to arrive at actionable insights that can be presented and more importantly understood easily.  Mr. Young served as CFO for both International Film Trust and C4. 


Since 2016, Mr. Young has been serving as Vice President of Operations/COO to Miscellaneous Entertainment and Miscellaneous Ventures, where he has helped with everything from raising capital, negotiating contracts, crafting corporate strategy, to structuring joint-ventures and investments. He is responsible for not only identifying and vetting opportunities, but assisting many of the start-ups or joint venture opportunities in positioning themselves for investment by instilling operational best practices while expanding upon their corporate strategy and revenue model.


Joseph is an entertainment attorney and executive producer who specializes in distribution, finance and production legal affairs. He is also a business strategist and financial consultant for independent motion pictures and other media and technology content. Some of Joseph’s current and former clients include Fanying Shanghai, Sparkhouse Media, Benaroya Pictures, Mulberry Pictures, International Film Trust, UCFTI Expo, QED International and Highland Film Group.

Some of the numerous pictures Joseph has helped bring to worldwide audiences include, “To the Bone” (Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins),  “Cell” (John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson), “478” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), “Queen of the Desert” (Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson),  “Fury” (Brad Pitt, David Ayers), and “Dirty Grandpa” (Zac Efron, Robert DeNiro). 

Previously, Joseph was Lead Counsel of Business and Legal Affairs for After Dark Films and contributed to more than 20 feature films. Prior to that, he was the  Director of Business and Legal Affairs for IM Global.

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